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NFL investigating Patriots for deflating footballs

If proved true, the Patriots could be docked draft picks.

Elsa/Getty Images

The New England Patriots came away with a 45-7 win against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, but the NFL will investigate the footballs used in that AFC Championship victory. The NFL is looking into whether the Patriots deflated footballs used in the game, according to Bob Kravitz of The league confirmed that it will investigate on Monday morning.

According to Kravitz a violation for deflated footballs would not impact the outcome of the AFC Championship, but the Patriots could lose draft picks. Kravitz reported officials took a ball out of play during the game and weighed it. According to NFL rules, home teams are required to provide 36 balls for outdoor games and make the balls available for testing with a pressure gauge prior to the game.

And on Monday morning.

This isn't the first time a notable football team has been accused of deflating footballs. The USC Trojans were fined and a manager was fired for deflating balls against Oregon in 2012. Deflating footballs wouldn't have made much difference in the game on Sunday as the Patriots obliterated the Colts and the result had nothing to do with a couple of missing PSI in the balls.