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Marshawn Lynch fined $20K for crotch grab, could face more

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Marshawn Lynch's second trip to the Super Bowl is shaping up to be an expensive one.


The NFL has fined Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for an obscene gesture after scoring a touchdown in Sunday's NFC Championshipaccording to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Lynch was seen grabbing his crotch after completing a 24-yard touchdown run that gave the Seattle Seahawks a lead late in the fourth quarter.

And that just might be the beginning of what could be an expensive trip back to the Super Bowl for Lynch.

Schefter cites a source who says the NFL is considering an additional fine because Lynch failed to meet his media responsibilities after Sunday's win. Lynch was already fined $100,000 this season for failing to speak to the media after a Week 11 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The $100,000 was composed of two $50,000 fines, one of which came after Lynch failed to meet his media responsibilities last season.

Schefter reports that the NFL is considering a more substantial fine this time and that more fines could be in the works.

Lynch is expected to speak to the media Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. The NFL is considering incrementally larger fines each time that Lynch fails to meet his media responsibilities.