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Robert Kraft expects NFL apology for DeflateGate

Robert Kraft made a statement on DeflateGate on Monday, saying he expects the league to apologize if it clears the team of wrongdoing.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed DeflateGate in a press conference on Monday, reiterating his team's innocence first and foremost. But on top of that, Kraft also said that he expects the league to apologize to the team, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady once the investigation has wrapped up.

That is to say, Kraft said that if the league cannot find clear proof that the team was in the wrong in this situation, that the league should apologize for what the team, Belichick and Brady have been put through over the past week due to the investigation.

Kraft said that he believed "unconditionally that the New England Patriots have done nothing wrong," and that it bothers him "greatly" that the integrity of the Patriots organization is in question.

The owner did not stay at the podium for long and he did not stand for questions following his statement. Belichick took the podium after Kraft and had very little to say about the investigation, which is unsurprising given the last time he was up there he said that he had no plans to discuss the matter further.

It's pretty clear at this point that it's going to be tough to get anyone from the Patriots to answer any more questions about the scandal or its investigation, at least in the media.