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Seahawks fans put Patriots fans to shame at Super Bowl 2015 Media Day

Your move, Pats fans.

Tuesday's media day was split up into two insane sessions, with the Patriots first followed by the Seahawks. Fans were given the opportunity to buy tickets to media day for $30, a price that earned them access to seating removed from the main floor where hundreds of media members scrambled to interview players and ask them dumb questions.

It could be argued that it's silly to pay $30 to watch athletes get interviewed from a few hundred yards away, and when the Patriots were conducting their session, it was fairly tame in the arena. But when the Seahawks began their media session, it became clear that their fans were going to get their money's worth. Chants began almost immediately, and at times the cheers were so loud that it seemed as though they were trying to drown out an audible.

"We know they can hear us," said Matt Grissom, a Seahawks fan living in Phoenix. "They know we're here to support them, and I think that will help them on Sunday.

Grissom's wife, Meredith, agreed.

"This is worth every penny," said Meredith of the ticket price to attend media day. "The atmosphere, getting to see the players, being a part of it. It's awesome. It's going to be home advantage on Sunday."

Jesse Johnson, originally from Belleview, Washington, but now living in the area, echoed the sentiment that the money was worth it.

"Most of us can't afford to go to the game," he said, sitting with a large group of yelling Seahawks fans. "This lets us be a part of it still."

Johnson is a member of the Scottsale Seahawkers, a fan group that plans on spending the week rolling as deep as they can at as many fan events possible.

"The 12th, it's our energy," he explained. "That's why they retired the number -- for us. It's our team and we gotta keep them going."

It looks like Patriots fans have some catching up to do.