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Marshawn Lynch lectures media, shouts out everybody

Marshawn Lynch's latest press conference may have been his best yet.

Marshawn Lynch finally opened up at a press conference Thursday. Instead of repeating one phrase, he came out with a statement lambasting media, and questioning why reporters continue to show up though he doesn't give them any content.

"If y'all ain't mad at me," Lynch said, "then what are you here for?"

Full video of Lynch's press conference via the Seattle Times (may not work on mobile):

Lynch also made sure to shout out everybody.

Lynch was curt, but he did answer questions directly. He was asked about his charity ("come to the inner cities and holler at me then") and about his Beast Mode gear ("you can buy my hat at"). As soon as his alarm went off on his phone indicating that his time was up, Lynch got up and left.

Lynch spoke as if he hoped it would be his last media obligation. We'll see whether reporters leave him alone going forward.