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Marshawn Lynch teaches Conan how to hold his crotch

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Conan insisted that it was a fine-free zone, and Marshawn instructed him in the ways of the crotch grab.

With the Super Bowl a few days away, Conan O'Brien decided to unite the two biggest personalities on the Seahawks and Patriots, Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, over a game of Mortal Kombat. But the topic of conversation quickly turned to things besides video games.

After a game, O'Brien asked Gronkowski to show him how to celebrate, and ... well ... watch what happens next up there. It turns into a discussion about the "obscene gesture" Lynch has been fined for repeatedly. But O'Brien insists Lynch won't get fined -- in fact, he offers to pay $50 -- for a lesson in how to hold one's crotch. Lynch obliges, and the rest is gold. (Watch the NFL actually fine him for this.)

Eventually, O'Brien decided that although Lynch won more games, the pair should split the trophy since he's a Patriots fans. Gronkowski took the trophy (a mashup of the Super Bowl trophy and a severed head, because Mortal Kombat) and made a classic Rob Gronkowski blowjob joke by placing the trophy over O'Brien's groin:

The game itself was pretty out there, too: