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Cardinals RB Stepfan Taylor has an alter-ego named Kulabafi

The running back's alternate persona was born during a freestyle session on the football field.

Arizona running back Stepfan Taylor has an alter ego named Kulabafi.

"Kulabafi, it's a lifestyle and a persona," he explained to SB Nation. "Kulabafi is the life of the party. He dresses well. He says what's on his mind. People gravitate towards Kulabafi."

The persona started in college when Taylor and his teammates were freestyling on the practice field. He broke out the line, "You can mess with me, I'm Kulabafi," and an alter-ego was born.

"Andrew Luck started calling me Kula," laughed Taylor. "I wore my great grandma's leopard jacket one time, I think it was to a party. And I wore a Stanford golf hat and some glasses and the Kulabafi style was born. My great aunt always wants to come and take my jacket. I have to hide it from her when she comes to visit."

Taylor sat down for a Last Thing chat, and it seems like he is just as interesting as his alter-ego.

Stepfan Taylor, what was the last ...

Movie you saw:

American Sniper. It was good. It caught me by surprise at the end.

Last book you read:

I can't remember the name of it, but it was about success. My running back coach gave me the book to read. The main thing is, the difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

Thing you cooked:

I make killer breakfast burritos. I'm gonna tell you what's inside of it. I have black beans, I have bell peppers, onions. I grill up some chorizo flavored chicken sausages, dice them up and throw them in. I add cheese and avocados and eggs.

Song that was stuck in your head:

I sang "This is How We Do It" at karaoke last week. I've been practicing on Snapchat. My snapchat, it's an honor to have my snapchat. It's exclusive.

Thing you took a picture of:

It was on Snapchat. I signed a diaper at the children's hospital. She didn't have anything else to sign, so she pulled a diaper out of her bag for me to sign.

Time you cried:

It was at a funeral, I'm sure. I remember in fourth grade, it was the last day of school and I don't know why I cried. You know what? We were watching Tarzan. There was a lot of things going on in my life at the time, and that just kind of went with it. So I asked if I could to the restroom and I just sat in a stall and cried. And then I wiped my eyes and went back to class.

Time you were embarrassed:

I don't really get embarrassed. I do remember when my mom used to yell at my games. I told my mom she had to stop.

Time you were scared:

I had to fly back from Texas out here for meetings in the morning and my flight got delayed. Luckily they fixed it and I was able to get back. I would have gotten fined. That kind of freaked me out.

Time you said "I love you":

To my mom and my family when I came back out here.

Prank you pulled:

I'm a prankster. I usually catch my mom. I never tell her when I'm coming home, so I go in the house and scare her.

Website you visited:

World Star Hip Hop.

Taylor was kind enough to freestyle and sing for you all. You're welcome.