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How To Write SEO Posts About How To Watch The Super Bowl

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Hello, fellow internet content makers. Don't worry -- it's just us here. None of the trash who read our websites can see this. It's just *us*.

What time is it? It's What Time Is The Super Bowl time!

The Super Bowl is a big time for us as we try to game Google into convincing people to read information they could find on almost any site on our site. This is nothing to be ashamed of -- we've all gotta eat, and this pays for the more intellectual stuff we do the other 360 days of the year.

But we're all looking for an extra way to gain an edge and catch an extra few thousand hits off people who misspell "How To Watch The Super Bowl." So here are some ideas we're not using -- you can get us back later.

What Time Is The Super Bowl

Date: Sunday, February 1

Time: 6:30 p.m. Eastern

Channel: NBC

How To Watch The Super Bowl Online

NBC isn't just showing the big game on TV -- they'll be providing a free stream for the Super Bowl online.

How To Watch A Super Bowl

How To Watch The Superb Owl Online

How To Crotch The Super Bowl

How To Wash The Supper Bowl

How to Super Bowl Watch

Why to watch the Super Bowl online

In conclusion, using your computer to stream the Super Bowl instead of watching on the TV could save you a few pennies in electrical costs at the end of the month -- pennies you can put towards buying snacks and drinks for the big Game!

How To Watch Super Bowl LIX Online

Now that we've explained how Roman Numerals work, we have to figure out how to get to the year 2025. This leaves two options:

1. Waiting

Just sit and wait 10 years!

2. Construct your time machine

Time machines don't currently exist in our plane of existence. Does this mean they'll *never* exist, or that our timeline merely hasn't come into contact with time travelers from the future who will render our current iteration of time and understanding of the world null and void?

How To Watch The Super Bowl On Your Neighbor's TV

Now that you've confirmed the Smiths will go to the Williamsons' house for their Super Bowl party, you're almost ready to sneak in through the backyard door Ted always leaves unlocked. There's just one final step:

8. Making sure Karen isn't home

Karen is one of the least popular girls in the 11th grade, and almost certainly doesn't have a party of her own to attend. But her enormous unpopularity doesn't mean she can't ruin your plans to break and enter by calling the cops or her parents. You'll need to make sure Karen is gone to watch the Super Bowl.

a) Check to see if Karen is with her parents when they leave

How To Watch The Super Bowl Via A Chain Of Mirrors Extending From Phoenix To Your Home

48,302: Placing the 47,987th mirror

The roof of the Glendale Marriott should be pretty easy to access via the stairway, but you will trigger a fire alarm when you push the door. But at this point, you should be pretty used to avoiding punishment for triggering fire alarms, so

How To Watch The Super Bowl Remix Ft. Ginuwine

Now that you're capturing video of the Super Bowl on part of your screen, you're going to want to open up your music player of choice -- we recommend iTunes, which has a "repeat one song" function.

Ever so gently tap the play button. Remember to be completely silent while capturing video -- your computer is capturing the audio from your room, and any noises you or other inhabitants make will absolutely ruin your finished Super Bowl X Pony mashup.