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Super Bowl 2015, Seahawks vs. Patriots: Who is the home team?

The Seahawks will be the home team in Super Bowl XLIX, but that doesn't mean much.

The Super Bowl matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will be played at the home of the Arizona Cardinals. Although the game is at a neutral site, the Seahawks will be the designated home team.

What does that mean for the Seahawks? Not much.

Seattle's sole "advantage" as home team is that it gets first choice for which color uniforms it will wear. That means the Seahawks will be wearing their usual blue-on-blue uniforms that are most commonly seen at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, which will force the Patriots to wear white jerseys. The advantage for the Patriots, as the designated visiting team, is that they will be the ones calling the coin toss.

The home team for the Super Bowl is determined on a rotational basis with odd-numbered games in odd-numbered years going to the NFC. Next year, in Super Bowl L, the AFC will be named the home team and have uniform choices while the NFC team will call the coin toss.