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Super Bowl 2015 prop bets: Bill Belichick wears blue hoodie with full-length sleeves

No NFL coach is more synonymous with hoodies than Bill Belichick.

Editor's update: Bill Belichick decided on a blue hoodie with full length sleeves. Blue paid between even money and 7/4, and sleeves intact paid at +110.

Super Bowl XLIX is the biggest sporting event of the year, and it's also the biggest gambling day on the calendar. You can bet on just about any aspect of this game, and perhaps no prop bet represents that more than the one focused on Bill Belichick's hoodie.

Yes, you can not only bet on what color hoodie the future Hall of Fame coach will wear, but what type of hooded sweatshirt it will be. Belichick is known for his smug attitude towards the media, rarely smiling and almost always wearing some kind of hoodie along the Patriots' sideline on game day.

Oddsmakers believe Belichick's Super Bowl XLIX hoodie will be a grey color (1/2 betting edge) with blue (7/4) and red (7/1) also in the running.  As for what type, the oddsmakers favor it being sleeves cut (-150 betting edge) with sleeves intact (+110) far behind.

If you watch the Patriots on the regular basis, you know Belichick frequently wears a Patriot-blue hoodie, but the sleeves part will vary as the season goes on. As the weather in Foxborough gets colder, Belichick will favor the sleeved hoodie more, but since Super Bowl XLIX is in blistering-hot Phoenix in a domed stadium, expect the sleeves to be absent.

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