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Marvin Lewis says he plans to return with the Bengals next season

Yet another playoff loss may have put Marvin Lewis' job with the Bengals in jeopardy.

Coming off a sixth straight playoffs loss, Marvin Lewis was asked about his status as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. He responded exactly how you would expect, telling local reporters "that's my plan" when asked if he would be in Cincinnati in 2015.

That won't stop the questions from cropping up again in the coming days, however. Lewis has been a relative success in 12 years as the Bengals' head coach, qualifying for the postseason in five of his last six seasons. Each of those playoff visits ended in early exits, however. Sunday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts once again featured offensive ineptitude behind the arm of quarterback Andy Dalton.

The Bengals signed Lewis to a one-year extension last March, which means his contract won't expire until after the 2015 season. SB Nation blog Cincy Jungle expects Lewis to return for what could be another promising season in Cincinnati. If the frustration of another playoff loss boils over, however, Lewis could be gone -- something that Lewis appears to understand well.