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Lions drive 99.9 yards against Cowboys

It's the first 99-yard drive in the playoffs in 12 years -- and it was longer than 99 yards!

The Lions just went on the longest drive possible against the Cowboys. Thanks to a beautiful punt from Chris Jones, Dallas downed the ball here:


But the Lions were actually even further from the end zone: a penalty on the punt pushed the team back half the distance to the goal. I like to imagine the ref trying to figure out how to enforce that quarter-yard penalty.

It looked like the Lions had been snuffed out, as they had fourth-and-5 at their own 6-yard line, but a roughing the kicker penalty on Dekoda Watson gave the Lions a first down.

A few plays later, Matt Stafford bounced off a hit from Tyler Patmon for a first down:


And Reggie Bush had some big plays, including this 18-yard TD scamper:


Forgive us for pointing this out, but the Lions got more yards on that drive than the Cardinals got all game. Way to waste a perfect punt, Cowboys.