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Ndamukong Suh cries at podium following loss to Cowboys

Ndamukong Suh broke down after an emotionally charged game that turned on a controversial decision by the referees.

Ndamukong Suh broke down at the podium following an emotional loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Detroit Lions led by two scores in the second half, but crumbled to the Cowboys on the road thanks in part to a dubious overturned pass interference call by the referees. The sequence and subsequent loss apparently overwhelmed the Lions' enormous defensive tackle.

Suh excused himself from the podium briefly, and appeared to be crying as he left:

He returned to make his remarks:

Suh was nearly suspended for Sunday's game for stepping on Aaron Rodgers' ankle last weekend. He appealed the decision to get it reduced to a fine, and was a stalwart for the Lions against a Cowboys offense that ranked seventh in the NFL in total offense heading into the playoffs.

Suh is far from the most well-like player in the NFL. But, well, losing sucks to the people paid handsomely to win. It feels about the same whatever your reputation.