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Browns reached out to Charlie Weis and others in case Kyle Shanahan leaves

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The coaching carousel could claim yet another victim in Cleveland. Let's assess the likelihood of the frightening possibility of the Browns hiring Weis to work with Johnny Manziel and lead the offense.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's name keeps coming up in the coaching carousel rumors. The Bills have reportedly requested an interview with him for their head coaching vacancy, and the 49ers have been mentioned as another possibility. If he does leave, that would put the Browns in need of a new offensive coordinator, something they've already started planning for, according to Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports. One name reportedly on their list: Charlie Weis.

Weis is a broken branch on the Bill Parcells coaching tree. He's mostly been able to cash in on the meal ticket provided by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady from when served as the New England Patriots offensive coordinator from 2000-04. Like so many Belichick underlings since, Weis' career is a reminder that some men are great and some men find great men with whom to attach themselves.

You may also remember Weis from such football coaching jobs as:

- Notre Dame head coach, 2005-09 (FIRED)

- Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, 2010 (left for Florida)

- University of Florida offensive coordinator, 2011 (left for KU)

- University of Kansas head coach, 2012-14 (FIRED)

Why it makes sense

The Cleveland Browns will hire ANYONE. Owner Jimmy Haslam was convinced to draft Johnny Manziel by a local homeless man, only to watch a symphony of front office leaks throwing him and Josh Gordon under the bus. They fired Rob Chudzinski after one year, tried to chase Chip Kelly, settled for Mike Pettine ... and here we are.

There are other reasons. Let's assume the Browns sign Brian Hoyer to a contract extension. Weis was partially responsible for making Matt Cassel look like a competent NFL quarterback in 2010 (it's worth remembering that Todd Haley was the head coach, thanks for reading Chiefs fans).

EDSBS has a more exhaustive run down of what kind offense Weis runs. It's summarized by the picture of a motorcycle jumping into a flaming van. In other words, it's the kind of approach sure to win eight to nine games in the NFL every year, aka a pro-style offense. This makes sense because the Browns are known for aiming high.

Might as well have one of the former Belichick assistants to work with one of Tom Brady's former backups. A light bulb just went on in The Plain-Dealer newsroom.

Why does it make sense for the Browns to hire Charlie Weis? Because they are the Browns.

Why it doesn't make sense

Nobody should hire Charlie Weis. Nothing about it makes sense. The NFL is hell bent to hire the same people over and over again, before firing them over and over again. Hiring Charlie Weis to the be their offensive coordinator doesn't make sense because there are other more qualified candidates out there, candidates who understand the rapid evolution of the NFL offense.

Let's also not overlook the fact that nobody has actually hired Kyle Shanahan yet. There's a chance nobody will hire him, at least for the 2015 season, to be a head coach. A team may offer him a job as an offensive coordinator, possibly a team that hires Mike Shanahan as its head coach, but the Browns would be under no obligation to let him leave for a lateral move.

Likelihood it happens

The good news for weary Browns fans is that it's all speculative right now. Of all the coaching rumors floating around at the moment, roughly 4 percent of them will come to fruition. But we can't rule out the possibility, and the fact that we're talking about the Cleveland Browns making a poor coaching selection only increases the likelihood of Charlie Weis returning to the NFL.

So let's say, 5/10, a 50-50 shot, which is uncomfortably high, DEFCON 3. Purchase canned goods and refresh your memories of Bernie Kosar at quarterback, Browns fans. You will need sustenance in the bunker during the long, bleak winter ahead.