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NFL scouts are already saying dumb things about Marcus Mariota

NFL Draft season is the worst, thanks to anonymous NFL scouts. You're up, Marcus Mariota.

Here are two tweets to get you ready for draft season:

Let's start with the positive: At least this evaluation has to do with Marcus Mariota's on-field abilities and not that he's "too nice," which is somehow a negative in the NFL scouting world. And that's where the positives end in this particular case.

Mariota played on a sprained left MCL in November 2013. While this obviously limited his mobility, and he played with a large brace to stabilize his knee, scrutinizing these games tells you … what? His ability to play injured? (Oregon went 2-2, losing to Stanford and Arizona in that stretch.) Sure, the knee injury took away his explosiveness as a runner. A knee injury also hinders a quarterback's ability to do just about anything.

While the MCL injury wasn't to Mariota's plant leg (which essentially takes away all ability to drive into a throw), it still affects how he could throw the ball. Legs are important for a quarterback! And not just for running!

And if you're wondering how Mariota fared on one leg, well...

Anonymous NFL Scout Season is the dumbest.