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Panthers struggling to simulate Seattle crowd noise

Panthers defensive tackle Colin Cole said that the team hasn't been able to completely replicate the noise of CenturyLink Field.

The Carolina Panthers will travel to CenturyLink Field on Saturday for their Divisional round matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. The defending Super Bowl champions have lost just once at home this season, and the Panthers are trying to prepare to play in the tough environment by simulating the crowd noise at practice. However, Carolina hasn't had much success reaching similar volume levels, according to David Newton of ESPN.

Seahawks fans are famous for their volume and set the Guinness World Record for crowd noise in 2013, although that was broken by the Kansas City Chiefs in September. Still, the Seahawks celebrate "The 12th Man" and its influence on the game.

Panthers defensive tackle Colin Cole played three seasons with the Seahawks before joining the Panthers and told Newton about the challenge of replicating the noise of CenturyLink Field:

"It's not something that is duplicable unless we have a dome and you're pumping noise in throughout the entire dome."

"The crowd noise we have is an opportunity to give guys a taste of what's going to come. But I've been there when they've been on 10 and you can't hear the person next to you talk."

Cole said that the noise at Carolina's Tuesday practice was good, but "wasn't quite there."

The Panthers have traveled to face the Seahawks three times, including the NFC Championship in January 2006, and lost all three games. They haven't played in Seattle since 2010, though the two teams met earlier this season in Carolina. The Seahawks edged the Panthers, 13-9.