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Steve Smith thinks playing against Darrelle Revis is like a chess match

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While playing against Aqib Talib is not nearly as difficult.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith Sr. is looking forward to the challenge of matching up against Darrelle Revis when the Baltimore Ravens meet the New England Patriots Saturday, but for now, he might be more interested in digging into Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib.

Smith told WEEI Radio Thursday that he expects it "to be a chess match [with Revis]" and that "going against the other guy [Talib] was more like checkers."

There might not be a better matchup in Saturday's game than the one on the outside between Revis and Smith. Revis is one of the premier defensive backs in the league, and Smith just recorded his eighth 1,000-yard receiving season at the age of 35.

Aside from being among the elite at their respective positions, Revis and Smith also share a swagger and feisty demeanor that often results in some interesting pre-game banter. The two competitors appear to have a mutual respect for each other heading into the game, exchanging several compliments during the week.

And with that back-handed compliment, Smith may have just ignited an inevitable round of trash-talking with Talib. If the Ravens and Broncos win this weekend, you can be sure that Smith's quote will be front and center on the Broncos' bulletin board all week long, and their on-field matchup will be must-watch television next Sunday.