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The Steelers' walk-off wildcat win was Ben Roethlisberger's idea

It was way too important of a play to trust Todd Haley. Monday night fallout and more news and fantasy advice awaits you in Tuesday's Rise 'n Grind.

NO GUTS, NO GLORY: Hats off to the Steelers for making a gutsy call with five seconds left at the end of their Monday Night Football game against the Chargers. Down three points, they ran a dang wildcat. Le'Veon Bell got the ball and he scored the game-winner. The best part is that it wasn't Todd Haley's call; it was Ben Roethlisberger's idea.


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ALMOST A GOOF: It almost didn't happen because of an officiating error that took 18 seconds off the clock. The NFL is not commenting on the matter.

MINIMAL EFFORT: Maybe if a Chargers lineman had shown a little more zeal for running down the pick-six, we'd be talking about a different outcome entirely.

PLAYOFFS: That win, as early in the season as it still is, gave the Steelers' playoff hopes new life.

EMBARRASSED: Chargers fans were not very happy with the results, not at all.

GATES RETURNS: Tight end Antonio Gates returned from his suspension and immediately put the Chargers on the board. He became only the second tight end with 100 touchdown receptions in his career.

HEARTLESS: DeAngelo Williams asked the NFL if he could wear pink all season in honor of his mom who died of breast cancer in 2010. The NFL said no.

RUMORS: It's only October and we already have Chip Kelly coaching rumors.

LUCK'S RETURN: Guess who was a full participant for the Colts at practice? Andrew Luck.

NO JULIO: Julio Jones may not play this week when the Falcons take on the Saints.

CONFUSED: The Seahawks can't seem to figure out what kind of team they want to be.

DIFFERENT STRIPES: Even with the Bengals at 5-0, people still aren't convinced, but they're missing other important signs of growth.

HAIR OF THE DOG: Odell Beckham Jr. has a problem: His hair.

LIONS FANS: The Lions are terrible, and fans are apathetic. Jim Caldwell knows that he isn't "doing a very good job right now," so at least he can admit it.

OL' BALL COACH: South Carolina coach, and former Washington NFL head coach, Steve Spurrier, is retiring.

WAIVER WIRE: Need some fantasy help? Here's who to target on the waiver wire this week.

POWER RANKINGS: The Bengals, Packers and the Patriots are head and shoulders above the rest of the league.

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