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Nevada regulators will not be setting their daily fantasy lineups, neither will you

Wait, Nevada has regulators?

ANOTHER BLOW FOR DAILY FANTASY: The latest state to take action against daily fantasy sites is Nevada, where regulators blocked them completely. Hmm, gambling regulators in Nevada ... sounds like someone wants their cut of the daily fantasy pie. America has a weird relationship with sports gambling. It's time to be less stupid about what that looks like.

UNDEFEATED NO MORE: The Atlanta Falcons are 5-1 now, losing their first game of the season on Thursday night. The Saints beat them 31-21 in the Superdome, with a little help from Ben Watson and an alarming number of Falcons turnovers.


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THURSDAY HIGHLIGHTS: Mark Ingram scored one of the Saints' touchdowns and broke out the Dirty Bird for throwback Thursday. Phil Simms declared the Falcons to be free of fat guys.

TAKEAWAYS: For the Falcons, one thing that really gave them problems all game was the constant pressure the Saints were putting on Matt Ryan. The Saints offense opened up again, finding Benjamin Watson in that old Jimmy Graham role, a positive sign for the Saints moving forward.

WATKINS UNHAPPY: Sammy Watkins is displeased with his current role in the Bills offense.

POUNCEY OUT: Maurkice Pouncey might not be back this season at all. The Steelers center had to have another round of surgery.

MONDAY NIGHT STAR WARS: There's a rumor going around that a new Star Wars trailer will make its debut during this week's Monday Night Football game.

CHEATERS: "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying." Joe Montana didn't mince words when asked about the Patriots.

NO DEAL FOR NOW: There's no indication that the 49ers will be trading Vernon Davis ... for now.

WHAT THE HELL, TITANS: The Titans should've had a win over the Bills last week, but on third-and-23, they did this.

NO BECKHAM: The Giants aren't sure if Odell Beckham Jr will be able to play on Monday.

TANNEHELL: Remember the report about all the awful things Ryan Tannehill said to his practice squad? They get some revenge in this week's Breaking Madden.

UNDEFEATED: When can we expect a loss for the rest of the NFL's undefeated teams? Let's take a closer look at the schedule.

OFFENSIVE LINES: Offensive line play hasn't actually gotten worse, says Mike Tanier. The problem is that a lot of high-profile teams are dealing with really bad ones.

HIT & RUN: Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman has been suspended by the team after a hit-and-run accident. Details of the case are still emerging.

PRESIDENTIAL: PFT Commenter went to the Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas this week. Then, he had a conversation with Democratic presidential candidate and Joe Flacco support, Martin O'Malley.

FOOTBALL TALK: This week on the podcast we're previewing Week 6, wondering when (not if) Jim Caldwell will get fired and much, much more.