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Johnny Manziel pulled over by police after arguing with girlfriend, drinking

The Browns quarterback was not arrested or charged with anything.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was pulled over after a domestic argument "got out of hand," according to WEWS NewsChannel 5 in Cleveland. There was an argument between Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Elizabeth Crowley, and the police were called after Manziel's car used the shoulder of the road to pass a witness at high speed, according to the report.

The witness told police that Manziel and Crowley were arguing and that Crowley attempted to leave the vehicle while they were on the road. The report, obtained by WEWS, says the couple stopped the car in a neighborhood and continued arguing, at which point a second witness called police.

Manziel said he and Crowley had been drinking in downtown Cleveland earlier that day, but officers did not believe the couple were intoxicated enough to warrant a charge. Crowley did claim that Manziel pushed her head into the window, and police found an abrasion on her arm, but they determined the abrasion came from Manziel trying to prevent her from leaving the car while it was on the road.

Neither were arrested and no charges were made. The report states alcohol was involved and Manziel admitted to drinking earlier, but he would have been taken in if police suspected he was above the legal limit to drive.

Browns general manager Ray Farmer made a brief statement on the matter, saying the team is aware of the situation, that they take this thing seriously and that their conversations with Manziel will "remain private."

Manziel took to Twitter to offer up an explanation in a series of Tweets:

"Colleen and I got into a dumb public argument on the way home Monday afternoon. It probably looked more interesting than it was and I know I would stop and check if I saw a couple arguing on the road," Manziel said. "It was embarrassing but not serious, and when we talked to the police and they realized everything was alright and I was sober, we went home together and everything is fine."

Crowley posted on her Instagram following the incident, echoing the sentiment:

Manziel checked into a drug and alcohol treatment facility in January and completed over two months of treatment before being released in April of this year. He is currently the Browns' backup quarterback, behind Josh McCown.