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This pretty Seahawks flea flicker ended with Ricardo Lockette taking a Panther's soul

The Seahawks hit a beautiful play against the Panthers.

This Russell Wilson flea flicker to Ricardo Lockette was fun fun fun fun fun fun fun:

This play is ridiculous for two reasons. We see flea flickers from time to time, but the design of this one is nifty. Normally a flea flicker features a running back faking a dive up the gut, then tossing it straight back to the QB. On this play, Lynch looks like he's running a toss play to one side, then tosses it back to Russell Wilson on the other side.

That tweak makes the play a bit harder to execute -- the toss from the RB to the QB has to be backwards, and the toss play starts several yards in the backfield -- but it makes it more believable. It's acutlaly not the first time they've run this play -- it worked for a Jermaine Kearse TD in 2013.

The other reason this play is ridiculous: THAT CATCH BY RICARDO LOCKETTE.

Up and over Carolina safety Kurt Coleman, who now has to leave the stadium.

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