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It's time to recognize Keenan Allen as one of the NFL's best receivers

Keenan Allen has been really good this season. It's time to appreciate him.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Keenan Allen is dicing up the Green Bay Packers. With most of the second half to play, he has 14 receptions and 157 yards. That makes three games this season with at least 12 receptions, a number that, according to ESPN Stats and Info, matches the number of times all other NFL receivers have had 12-plus receptions this season combined. Only Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins have been averaging more receptions per game. Allen has been fantastic.

That may seem surprising. For many, his name likely doesn't pop to mind when considering the best receivers in the NFL. After a breakout rookie season, multiple injuries rendered him much less effective in his follow-up campaign. He had just 783 yards receiving after gaining 1,000-plus.

Most tellingly perhaps, his yards per reception fell from 14.7 to 10.2. Allen's speed generated by his long stride was an asset coming out of college. Without his deep threat ability, Allen was only average.

Allen's day against the Packers ended in another injury, unfortunately. He suffered a hip injury that put him on the sideline in the midst of a fantastic outing and a Chargers comeback attempt. His proclivity to get hurt may be part of who he is.

Still, through six games Allen will have nearly matched his 2014 total. He had 444 yards going into Week 6, putting him over 600 for the season when factoring in the Packers game. He also has three touchdown grabs. Allen is the favorite target of one of the league's three leading passers. He's on pace for a monster season, and is well worth your attention.