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Julian Edelman is trying to play with a hideously mangled pinky and it isn't going very well

Julian, sit a few plays out. It's okay. Also, stop showing us your finger. It's gross.

Did you know that Julian Edelman is gritty? Well, he is. On the Patriots' first drive against the Colts, he scored a touchdown ... and NBC's cameras caught him showing off his right hand to his teammates:

Either his pinky his hideously broken or it's just been shaped like a hockey stick his whole life. One reporter said it's not a new injury:

Either way, his teammate Tavon Wilson couldn't look away.

Edelman didn't leave the game, though. He threw a glove on, and stayed in as punt returner and wide receiver. Unfortunately, playing with a finger injury isn't the best idea: He's had two drops (as many as he had in the rest of the team's games combined) including this one that turned into a pick-six:

Tom Brady's pass hit Edelman right in the chest, but Edelman tried to avoid letting it hit him in the right hand. The ball popped into the air, and Mike Adams easily returned it into the end zone.

Playing through injury is brave, but it's not always the best idea!

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