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The Colts' botched trick play was a work of art

You may never see a play as bad -- nor as beautiful -- as what the Colts attempted against the Patriots on Sunday night.

DADAESQUE: The Dadaist art movement was a rejection of logic and form as a sort of protest against the conformities of society that led to two World Wars. Likewise, Chuck Pagano's bizarre, doomed trick play against the Patriots bucked all conventions of sound football strategy. It was beautiful, really, except that Pagano intended for the play to work. Ah well, Chuck. Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.

WIN THE WATER COOLER: It was a wild Sunday. Let us get you all caught up so you can be the smartest fan at work today.

TRUE GENIUS: Now John Fox, there's a true artist. The Bears head coach seemingly had no idea that clock management was even an option at the end of regulation. If his goal was to give the Bears as little time as possible to score a game-tying field goal against the Lions, he succeeded. The Bears came through, only to see their hopes dashed in overtime when they elected to put a former Division II cornerback on Calvin Johnson and Megatron did exactly what you'd expect.

The Lions are no longer winless despite every effort to lose. Lions-Bears matchups may be the ultimate testament to the absurdity of the human condition.

NO SERIOUSLY, WHAT'S A TOUCHDOWN CATCH: It's probably a bad sign that referees can't seem to agree on a game by game basis. Seriously, compare Golden Tate's "touchdown" from Week 6 to Tyler Eifert's "non-touchdown" from earlier in the season. Can you figure it out?

SB Nation presents: The NFL still doesn't know what a catch is

GOOD JOKES: The game may not have been that much fun, but at least Colts fans had an incredibly good time coming up with ways to troll the Patriots inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

TAKE MY GOOD HAND: Julian Edelman played with a gnarly injured pinky and grossed out all his teammates. He also had an awful bobble that led to a pick-six and Tom Brady's first interception of the season. Sometimes there's such a thing as too much grit.

#FIREBRADLEY: Duval is getting restless after a 31-20 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday.

CHOCOLATE PHIL: No, it's not the latest Tay Zonday track.


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EXCUSES: Kirk Cousins had another terrible game, but don't try to tell Washington head coach Jay Gruden that.

MUST WATCH: The Chargers may be 2-4, but their games have been consistently some of the most exciting to watch in the NFL, week in and week out. On Sunday, they took the Packers to the brink behind more than 500 yards passing from Philip Rivers and a statement game from Keenan Allen.

YOU BLEW IT: The Seahawks have led in the fourth quarter of every game they've played this season. They're 2-4. Danny Kelly tries to find the culprit.

STEVE SMITH FOREVER: Steve Smith wasn't even supposed to be playing in Sunday's game, much less making absurd diving touchdown grabs and dancing like Pee Wee Herman.

LEAVE JIMMY ALONE: Jimmy Graham was trying to prevent a scrum from getting out of control when he pulled a Panthers player off a pile-up. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct because the NFL made up a dumb new rule.

COME BACK PEYTON: The Broncos are undefeated, and it's in spite of how Peyton Manning has played this season. Just watch this lame duck interception in overtime. There's no way in hell the Manning of five years ago throws that pass.

"BULLS---": Ken Whisenhunt was furious after the Titans' loss to the Dolphins over a low hit on Marcus Mariota that ultimately forced the rookie quarterback out of the game. Whisenhunt called the play "bulls--- football." Meanwhile, Mariota is scheduled to undergo an MRI on his knee on Monday.

AMAZING: Marvin Jones is back and having an incredible impact on the Bengals' offense.

SERENDIPITY: Just when things looked bleak because of a Mike Vick injury, the Steelers win anyway because they got Martavis Bryant back. And hey, Landry Jones wasn't too shabby, either!

IRON HEAD: Cameron Heyward doesn't give a damn what the NFL thinks.

SB Nation presents: Cameron Heyward takes a stand against the NFL