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Mario Williams blames coaches for Bills' defensive woes

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The Bills have just nine sacks on the season.

After ranking fourth in the league in total defense in 2014, the Buffalo Bills have allowed 98 points in three losses this year, and the pass rush has been nearly nonexistent. It didn't show up in a 34-21 loss to Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and Mario Williams knows why.

"I think I probably set a record on dropping today, but that's part of the scheme for us to go out and be put in a position to win," Williams said, via Matthew Fairburn of "Whatever's called you have to go out and do it."

Williams is an accomplished pass rusher with 93 career sacks, 14.5 of which came with the Bills in 2014. He knows how to get to the quarterback and gets paid a lot of money to do it, but thinks the Bills need to commit to sending four guys more often.

"When we got four guys rushing, we can do some things," Williams said. "Some of the calls we had today, we just didn't have four guys out there rushing in certain situations, things like that."

The Bills led the NFL with 54 sacks a season ago, but have just nine on the year. They did not sack Dalton on Sunday, and were only credited with a single hit on the quarterback. Jerry Hughes echoed Williams' sentiments, saying he will let the coach call the plays, and that "whatever he calls, we'll run it."

Head coach Rex Ryan, in his first year with the Bills, wasn't happy with the defensive performance on Sunday either.

"A couple of them are my fault," Ryan said. "I went with some three-man rush stuff and never let my guys go as much as I should have."

Ryan, who admitted that the defense is currently lacking an identity, said that he needs to figure out what the coaches are asking the defense to do. But Ryan wouldn't put all of the problems on defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman and the coaching staff. He also said that the defense hasn't been healthy, but once it is, the unit has the potential to be "special."

There was a lot of excitement for the Bills after they dominated the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, and the hype picked up again when they put 41 points on the Miami Dolphins in Week 3. But Buffalo has slowed down considerably since then.

This is Ryan's team and the organization feels that Ryan will put them in a position to compete in the AFC East. Still, defense is his bread and butter, and with the level of pass rushers he has on the roster, they should be getting to the quarterback more than they have this season.

The Bills are 3-3 on the season, behind both the New England Patriots and Ryan's former team, the New York Jets in the division. Fortunately, the Bills have a good opportunity to get things back on track with a home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars up next.