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NFL referees can't stop calling penalties

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The NFL is calling more penalties than ever. Plus, fallout from the Ravens' big win, streaks ending and a weird guy who drives around in a van.

FLAGS FLY FOREVER: The NFL is calling more penalties than ever before ... and it's kind of hurting games. What's amazing about it is that the league is totally cool with it.

OVERTIME WIN: Justin Tucker saved the Ravens from an 0-4 start, booting the game-winner in overtime Thursday night to give Baltimore a 23-20 win over the Steelers. The Ravens had a 0.18 percent chance of coming back to win that game.

MISTAKES: The Steelers really made some questionable decisions: no two-point conversion attempts, terrible calls on fourth down, etc.


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STREAK ENDS: 35 games with at least five catches and 50 yards may no sound like much in the era of fantasy football, but it's a really impressive streak that Antonio Brown put together. It's over now; he came up six yards short.

HIT LIST: Steve Smith put Mike Mitchell on his "lifetime hit list."

WEIRDO: Raiders owner Mark Davis drives an old van with a VHS player in it, and is a lunatic ... but also a pretty nice guy.

RG3 BURNS WASHINGTON: The new Breaking Madden is a tale of the ultimate revenge, switching RG3 to defensive end and giving him the chance to stick it to Washington.

RISE UP: Get to know Falcons rookie pass rusher Vic Beasley.

DETROIT BOUND: The Philadelphia-Washington game could get moved from FedEx Field to Ford Field in Detroit because of the hurricane.

THE WORST PLAY: The worst play of 2015 so far belongs to the Titans.

GINGER AVENGER: Is Andy Dalton for real now? There are signs that he just might be.

SECRETS REVEALED: The latest and greatest NFL podcast is here! This week, the best teams in the AFC and NFC, previewing Week 4 and lots more.