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Dez Bryant, Greg Hardy get into animated shouting match on Cowboys sideline

It's getting fiery on the Dallas bench.

Dez Bryant has been known to get emotional on the sideline firing his teammates up. Greg Hardy has been known to get into it with teammates. They're now on the same team. Their Emotional Yelling waves crashed into each other and made an Emotional Yelling tsunami:

Of course, it's not clear if they're furious at each other or just really into the game or just trying to get juices flowing on the sideline. This happened after the Cowboys staged a mini-comeback ... only to allow a kickoff return TD in the fourth quarter. Bryant, of course, isn't playing, and Hardy wasn't in on the kick return, so this wasn't about that. Whatever it was, it was clearly intense.

Hardy wasn't just upset with Dez either. He was upset with EVERYONE. To the point he shoved multiple teammates prior to the confrontation with Bryant.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he didn't see a problem with the shouting and shoving and instead said having passion was a good thing. Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant shared a similar sentiment. Jones said he welcomed the passion while Bryant said it was "just football." Hardy didn't have as much to say, offering only "no comment."

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