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Jay Cutler rallies Bears to last-minute win over Raiders

Jay Cutler came off of a hamstring injury to lead the Bears to their first victory of the season.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler -- or "big dumb crybaby Jay Cutler" as he is known by most of the Internet, probably -- led the Bears to a last-minute win over the Raiders on Sunday afternoon. Cutler played just his second full game of the season after getting hurt in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals. He returned to improve the Bears to 1-3 on the season.

There were six lead changes in Sunday's game, the last coming with two seconds to play when Robbie Gould booted a 49-yard field goal to put the Bears up for good, 22-20. Cutler set up the score by going 5-for-8 passing on the drive. Among the five completions was a fourth-and-5 conversion to Martellus Bennett.

The drive redeemed an ugly interception on the Bears' previous possession. Charles Woodson picked off a lazy attempt by Cutler intended for Bennett down the right side.

The Raiders responded with a go-ahead field goal. Derek Carr went 3-for-5 for 46 of the Raiders' 68 yards on the drive. They left just over two minutes on the clock, however, leaving plenty of time for Cutler to work.

Cutler absorbs a lot of criticism -- a lot of it, admittedly, fairly earned. On Sunday, fresh off a hamstring injury, he exceeded expectations and was, dare we say, poised after seemingly making another back-breaking mistake.

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