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Even NFL kickers couldn't spoil Drew Brees' big night

Sunday Night Football was a blast thanks to Drew Brees' late-game heroics in a wild finish against the Cowboys.

BREESUS: Drew Brees finally got his 400th career touchdown pass, and it came in one of the most dramatic fashions imaginable. Just after overtime began against the Cowboys, he hit C.J. Spiller on a gorgeous fly route down the right sideline, which the running back took 80 yards to the house against a befuddled defense for a walkoff score.

Brees, at 36 years old, may not be the player he once was. A rotator cuff injury that has limited his range of motion certainly isn't helping. Sunday night was proof that he is still one of the NFL's best, however, whatever his condition.


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#NFLKickers: The only reason Brees' heroics were necessary was because Saints kicker Zach Hocker missed what would have been a game-winning chip shot at the end of regulation, though in fairness it's hard to blame him when he had a shirtless man waving his giant belly in front of him.

Still, Hocker's missed capped what had been a mostly awful day for kickers around the league. Maybe the longer extra points have given them the yips?

LET US PRAISE BACKUP QUARTERBACKS: Brandon Weeden would have had the play of the day if not for Brees. Down 20-13, he led the Cowboys on a 91-yard drive that was capped by a spectacular throw and catch to Terrance Williams in the end zone.

Weeden was just one of several quarterbacks who, until now, was largely thought of as an emergency-only backup and is now looking like a viable starter. There was also Matt Hasselbeck leading to Colts to victory at 40 years old, Luke McCown passing for 356 yards and two touchdowns in a heartbreaking loss and Ryan Fitzpatrick doing just enough to lead the Jets to their third win on the year.

Coupled with the success of the likes of Tyrod Taylor and Kirk Cousins, dare we call this the Year of the Backup QB?

CALIFORNIA CREAMIN': Colin Kaepernick is taking scathing verbal abuse from opponents, the atmosphere in Levi's Stadium feels like an away game for the 49ers and Jim Tomsula doesn't have much to say except the same tired lines.

Hopefully Niners fans can still the appreciate the artistry of an Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass.

ONE STEP BACK: Two female reporters were temporarily denied access to the Jaguars' locker room at Lucas Oil Stadium. These are headlines we should no longer be seeing in 2015.

COOL STORY, BREAUX: Seriously, Delvin Breaux's story -- from a life threatening high school injury, to a career in semi-pro obscurity, to a starting role for the Saints -- is one of the best you'll read all season.

OH, LOOK, RICHIE INCOGNITO IS STILL A JERK: This time, being dirty cost his team a touchdown.

CHIN UP: Ndamukong Suh gave a surly press conference after the Dolphins' loss in London. It prompted a man in London to make a very funny face afterwards.

GURLEY RETURNS: Todd Gurley was quiet in his debut last week, and again for a half on Sunday. He exploded in the second half against the Cardinals, however, and finished with 146 yards rushing on 19 carries in a statement win by the Rams.

LET VON MILLER THRUST: Von Miller can't do his sexy, thrusting sack celebration any more because it's costing him too much money in fines.

LULLABY DON'T YOU CRY GO TO SLEEP STEDMAN BAILEY: Stedman Bailey literally took a nap in the end zone after scoring a touchdown.

CHIP CLIPPED: After another anemic Eagles performance, running back DeMarco Murray said he isn't getting enough touches in Chip Kelly's offense.

JAYSUS: Martellus Bennett managed to compare Jay Cutler to Jesus Christ AND Keanu Reeves after the Bears' win Sunday. Maybe set the bar a *little* lower next time, Martellus, unless you believe this is as good as it's going to get for the Bears this season.

FALCON PUNCH: The Falcons look like an offensive juggernaut right now, and it's all thanks to the emergence of Devonta Freeman.

OBLIGATORY ODB: Odell Beckham, Jr., has now caught more passes for more yards through the first 16 games of his career than any receiver in NFL history. And yes, he did have a jaw-droppingly beautiful catch Sunday, though unfortunately he landed out of bounds.

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