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The Houston Texans lost to a 40-year-old quarterback with the flu

Matt Hasselbeck is older than dirt, in football years, but neither age nor the flu could stop Indianapolis' backup quarterback from beating a terrible Texans team.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

HASSELBECK: Guess which Colts quarterback is 2-0 now? Not bad for a guy who was sick all week. Matt Hasselbeck wasn't the only aging football player to make a big impact for the Colts last night either. It's worth noting that Hasselbeck was drafted FOUR YEARS before the Texans were even a team.

TOUCHING TRIBUTE: An emotional Hasselbeck dedicated his game to cancer patient who lost their battle that day.

DIVISION RECORD: The Colts also set a record for consecutive wins in the AFC South.

HOYER AGAIN: The Texans made a quarterback change last night. Ryan Mallett left after taking a hit, got cleared to return, but Bill O'Brien left Brian Hoyer in the game. The whole thing left Mallett looking a little salty on the sidelines. These two pictures pretty much explain the Texans QB situation.

FOSTER HIT: Arian Foster took a shot to the head and somehow got back in the game before they put him through the concussion protocol. He was back for the second half.

BAD TEAM: Houston is a bad football team all around, but at least they had Jaelen Strong to provide some highlights.


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HOT SEAT: If you watched that game, you'll understand why Texans head coach Bill O'Brien is on the hot seat.

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ROCKY ENDORSES CHIP: You know who isn't giving up on Chip Kelly? That's right it's Rocky Balboa.

GREG HARDY: Jason Garrett talked to Greg Hardy about his stupid comments, so I'm sure that'll take care of the problem.

FIXED: The 49ers have made some changes on offense. That oughta do the trick!

FREE AGENCY WORKS: Sometimes. Sure, Ndamukong Suh's been a bust, but there really have been some good free agent signings in recent years.

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