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Seahawks vs. Cowboys 2015 final score: Seattle survives 4th quarter, barely, in 13-12 win

Nobody looked good in Seahawks-Cowboys, but Seattle is a win closer to the playoffs in a weak division.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Seahawks' season has been filled with fourth quarter collapses, and things looked ominous again Sunday against the Cowboys, down 12-10 after a blocked field goal with a little more than nine minutes remaining. Russell Wilson was the catalyst on a 17-play, 79-yard field goal drive to take the lead late, however, and Seattle's defense held on to give it a 13-12 win.

Several recurring problems cropped up again.

Foremost was a stagnant offense. The Seahawks managed 66 yards in the fourth quarter before their game-winner, and had one drive end on an interception and another on a blocked field goal. Both mistakes were predicated on awful blocking. The Seahawks' offensive line has had a difficult time protecting Russell Wilson this season. During Wilson's fourth quarter pick, Greg Hardy was able to break through, put a paw up and bat the ball in the air so that it fell into his waiting arms.

The interception led to the Cowboys' go-ahead field goal after a 7-yard drive. Dallas could not find offensive consistency, either, despite the return of Dez Bryant. Matt Cassel had just 97 yards passing despite 25 attempts. He was conservative after taking a more aggressive approach last week against the Giants that resulted in three interceptions.

The Cowboys were once again in the game because of their defense, but playing it safe on offense did little to help their prospects. The unfortunate reality for Dallas is that, despite all the good it's doing on the defensive side of the ball, it may not be able to get better until it has a competent quarterback. Their only hope appears to be, still, Tony Romo's return in the coming weeks.

The Seahawks improved to 4-4, which feels about right for last year's Super Bowl runners-up. Halfway through this season, they're clearly flawed, and Sunday's win probably won't ease pre-existing concerns. They're a win closer to making they playoffs, however, in a weak division, and that's a position the Cowboys would gladly like to be in right now.