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Jay Cutler made history Monday night

But does he ever care?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

BEARS WIN: The Bears squeaked past the Chargers 22-19, in another Monday night game that came down the wire. Chicago took the lead when tight end Zach Miller made an incredible one-handed touchdown grab. Running back Jeremy Langford, who replaced an injured Matt Forte in the lineup, made a circus catch of his own. Don't overlook Chicago's defense in this whole thing, they played a huge role in locking down the victory, weird formations and all.

CUTLER MAKES HISTORY: Jay Cutler became the best quarterback in Bears history on Monday night, or at least the most productive.

BAD BOLTS: The Chargers slipped to 2-7 on the season. They're playoff hopes are theoretically, if not mathematically, dead. Is it time to fire coach Mike McCoy? Fans are already calling the team a "joke."

TALIB SUSPENDED: Don't poke people in the eye on purpose, at least not in the NFL where it will cost you a game.


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WARE OUT: The Broncos defense suffered another blow this week, losing DeMarcus Ware for 2-4 weeks.

BILLS DOCUMENTARY: ESPN will show "Four Falls of Buffalo," a documentary about the 1990s Bills, on Dec. 12.

FALCONS OFFENSE: Roddy White knows what's wrong with Atlanta's struggling offense.

FISHER'S FEELINGS: Rodney Harrison hurt Jeff Fisher's feelings when he criticized the coach's reputation for dirty play, so Fisher fired back at Monday's press conference. Speaking of dirty play, Lamarcus Joyner will not be suspended for his hit on Teddy Bridgewater.

HICKS TO IR: The Eagles put rookie linebacker Jordan Hicks on IR with a torn pec.

WELKER RETURNS: The Rams lost receiver Stedman Bailey to his second suspension in two years. To replace him, they signed Wes Welker.

VIVA MEXICO: The NFL is in Mexico City right now, checking to see if the city's ready to host a game next season.

DION LEWIS: The Patriots put running back Dion Lewis on IR. So how will they replace him?

POWER RANKINGS: This week's power rankings are total chaos!

SUPER CAM: That football that Julius Peppers tried to throw away from Cam Newton? Well, the Panthers quarterback ended up giving it to a little boy who had recently lost his father. That's the story we should be talking about instead of the dumb banner that Packers fans got all boo hoo about.

FANTASY CORNER: A lot potential fantasy MVPs are on a bye this week, so you better check the waiver wire for some recommended replacements. And here are a few names to help you get through the injury bug that's bitten your team.

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