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The NFL's COLOR RUSH uniforms are hurting our eyes

The NFL is bringing you color-on-color vs. color-on-color matchups. It's alarming!

Thursday night's Jets vs. Bills game is the first of four Thursday Night Football games in which NFL teams are wearing "COLOR RUSH" jerseys. While most NFL games feature one team in white jerseys, and most NFL uniforms feature white pants, these games will feature two teams playing in colored tops and colored pants and colored socks and colored cleats.

Here are the Jets vs. Bills jerseys:

It's a bit much from afar. It's a bit much from up close!

The jerseys were especially disconcerting for people with the most common form of colorblindness, which makes red and green appear similar. With neither team wearing white anywhere on their jerseys, many NFL fans were unable to distinguish between the two teams.

Next week the Jaguars and Titans are playing, and OH NO WHAT ARE THOSE JAGS JERSEYS:


In June, we wrote about the Atlanta Hawks' upcoming plan to wear mismatched jerseys and shorts, and how it was going to make them look like big ol' doofuses. Basketball uniforms just look good when the tops match the bottoms. They just do. So I understand how color-on-color can look good.

And I like it when two teams in colored jerseys play each other! It looks great for neutral site college football rivalry games, like Florida vs. Georgia. Boring is bad, and colors aren't boring.

But when both teams are wearing color-on-color? And when it's a kinda gross color, like the Jets' darkish green, or the Jags' poop-smeared gold? It's ... it's a bit much.

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