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The Lions did a trillion things wrong, but still beat the Packers at Lambeau for the first time since 1991

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Detroit tried to let the Packers keep a decades-long home winning streak alive, but somehow the Lions survived.

The Lions were set to lose to the Packers in Wisconsin for the 25th consecutive time. It's just what happens. The world turns. Grass grows. The Trix rabbit tries to eat Trix, and mean children take it from him and laugh at him. And the Lions lose at Lambeau Field. Silly Lions: Lambeau Field wins are for the Packers.

It was all setting up perfectly. The Lions had missed an extra point, leaving the Packers down just two points instead of three. The Packers had hit an onside kick to Calvin Johnson -- Calvin Johnson! One of the best catchers of footballs in the history of catching footballs! But he muffed it:

The Packers set up a few successful plays and got Mason Crosby in position for a 52-yard field goal. Crosby's been an incredibly accurate kicker for the Packers for a long, long time. It seemed predestined that he would drill the kick. It's just what happens in these situations: The Packers win and smile, and the Lions lose and everybody says "Well, it's the Lions."

But Crosby missed it:

At first, it looked like the kick had been blocked, but further video showed that nobody's hand touched it. It was just a mishit:

Jim Caldwell celebrated, somehow doing so without moving a single muscle in his face:

The Lions left Lambeau with a win, their first in Wisconsin since 1991.

Keep trying, Trix Rabbit. Someday, good things may happen for you.

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