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Lions only had 10 men on the field for Packers' game-winning field goal try

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The Lions were short a defender, but replays show the kick may have hit the holder's free hand.

The Detroit Lions did everything in their power to keep their 24-year losing streak in Wisconsin intact Sunday, but the Green Bay Packers absolutely refused to take the victory.

On top of all of their other mistakes -- which included two missed extra points and Calvin Johnson dropping an onside kick with 30 seconds remaining -- the Lions only had 10 players on the field to defend Mason Crosby's 52-yard field goal attempt as time expired. Replays showed that the Lions had six players on the right side of the defensive line, three on the left side and one player lined up deep to charge the kick, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell acknowledged the mistake at his Monday press conference, but would not assign any blame, saying it was his responsibility. He also admitted that the 2-7 Lions only had 10 players on the field to defend an earlier Crosby field goal attempt.

Luckily for the Lions, the Packers may have managed to block the field goal themselves. Replays show that the ball appeared to brush the fingers of Packers holder Tim Masthay's free hand, causing to lose its spin and power. The kick, normally a fairly simple one for Crosby, ended up well short of the end zone.

The 18-16 win marked the first time the Lions had won in Wisconsin during Green Bay's run with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. However, on the last play, it was the Packers who had more to do with that than Detroit.

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