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J.J. Watt wouldn't talk about his penis injury on ESPN

The Texans' star wouldn't precisely reveal where he got hurt on TV. Good thing we're on the Internet to tell you.

Monday Night Football sideline reporter Lisa Salters asked J.J. Watt about why he missed several plays on the Texans' game-sealing defensive drive in their victory over the previously undefeated Bengals. Watt revealed that he had a bit of a sensitive injury:

Watt was smart not to mention exactly where his injury was to protect the innocent ears of the national ESPN audience. Luckily, we're not on ESPN right now, so we can be more specific. Watt got smacked in the penis, or perhaps the testicles.

Hope this cleared everything up for you if you were confused by Watt's statement. He only missed two plays before his genitals stopped hurting and he was able to return.