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Tony Romo is back, but it's probably too late for the Cowboys

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Finally, Dallas gets a decent quarterback, but will that be enough to save their season?

"Wait for me, guys!"
"Wait for me, guys!"
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

ROMO'S RETURN: Tony Romo is back in action this week. The Cowboys dumped Brandon Weeden to make room on the roster. Romo still believes that the Cowboys can win the NFC East and more, but can he stop the slide all by himself?

FANTASY CORNERWhere does Romo fit in the fantasy football picture? Romo's return definitely makes Dez Bryant one of the top receiver plays this week ... and for the rest of the season if they can both stay healthy. Of the 10 best running backs in fantasy (standard scoring), only three of them had an average draft position in the first round prior to the season.

SUSPENSION: The Raiders are going to be without Aldon Smith for a year. In a statement, Smith mentioned "losing his love for the game" as a factor that led to his series of arrests. How big of a factor will that be when he returns?

NO SUSPENSIONNobody from referee Pete Morelli's crew is expected to be suspended for the goof this week that cost the Ravens a win.

JOHNNY TIME: The Browns made it official, turning over the starting QB job to Johnny Manziel for the rest of the season.

WEEK 11 PICKS: Our panel made their picks for this week.

RELOADING: The Ravens aren't rebuilding, they're reloading for next year. Baltimore also put rookie Breshad Perriman on IR, officially ending his season.

PUNISHED: Greg Hardy got fined for missing a team meeting ... some leader.

GIVE CAM A CHANCE: One guy didn't like Cam Newton at all, and then he actually met him.

WAKE UP SUH: The Dolphins got a rumbling performance from their big ticket free agent, Ndamukong Suh, and it saved them from a total blowout.

DEFLATED: President Obama does not want to talk about DeflateGate with Bill Simmons.

BETTER DAYS: Dolphins rookie DeVante Parker is watching tape from his college days to remind himself that he's good.


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