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Things just keep getting worse for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

Injuries and a rival bent on replacing Green Bay's dominance in the standings aren't making the season very much fun for the Packers.

POOR, POOR PACKERS: The news just isn't getting any better for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. He's dealing with a shoulder injury now. There was some good news as Eddie Lacy returned to practice. Worse, the offense is getting stale, and the rival Vikings have quickly built a winner set on winning the division.

VIKING DEFENSE: A closer look at the Vikings defense matched up against a struggling Packers offense could very well mean, well, it could mean a changing of the guard.

DIFFERENT TUNE: Richard Sherman and the Seahawks are getting ready to play the 49ers this week. During a Wednesday press conference the usually boisterous cornerback was singing a little different tune. With the Seahawks struggling, how are fans in Seattle feeling about Marshawn Lynch?

BACK TO CINCY: Playing the Bengals isn't just another game for Carson Palmer. He dished a little about what happened during his time there, but he's still holding back the details for when the time is right.

ANOTHER REUNION: Speaking of reunions, this weekend will be the first time Jay Cutler's faced the Broncos since Denver traded him. Cutler's having a great season, as the numbers show, so what's different about his work this year with new OC Adam Gase?

COUGHLIN IS STILL MAD: The NFL said Odell Beckham did not have a touchdown because he did not establish himself as a runner in the end zone in last week's loss to the Patriots. But wait, Giants coach Tom Coughlin raises a VERY good point about catching the ball in the end zone.


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RELOCATION: Three NFL teams are vying for relocation for 2016. That means fans in at least one city, if not two, are going to get stiffed. But relocation takes a heavy toll on the players, too. We asked some veterans who survived a team move about it.

PLAYOFF PICTURE: The Patriots and Bengals own the top two spots in the AFC. The Steelers and the Bills currently lead a seven-team melee for the two Wild Card spots. The Packers are fighting to stay alive in the NFC.

BACK ALREADY: It took Brandon Weeden less than 48 hours to find another job. The lucky team this time is the Houston Texans. He'll back up T.J. Yates this week with Brian Hoyer on the shelf.

YOU LIKE THAT: Kirk Cousins is the NFC Offensive Player of the Week again.

SAD NEWS: Doug Flutie lost both of his parents on Wednesday.

TOP PICK: The Browns currently have the top spot in the NFL Draft. Who could they take that won't screw it up?

HOW TO STOP THE GRONK: How do you stop Rob Gronkowski? A Patriots Hall of Famer has an idea.

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