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Aaron Rodgers & Russell Wilson aren't struggling because of Olivia Munn and Ciara

Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are terrible because of their girlfriends ... according to the Internet. Danny, Stephen and RVB have a closer look at what's REALLY causing those two QBs to struggle. Plus, the Cowboys and Romo, the amazin' Arizona Cardinals and a little bit on those dancing players.

Well, I'm not one who's prone to hyperbole, but this week might be the greatest NFL podcast in the long, proud history of NFL podcasts. Seriously.

We begin with the most pressing issue of the week: Why Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, two normally fine quarterbacks, are struggling. The internet and one lazy columnist thinks it could have to do with their lady friends, Olivia Munn and Ciara, respectively. It is not that. Instead, we give you the REAL reason those two are struggling, and the best part is you don't have to wait for like a discussion of Thursday Night Football or anything like that, because we get right into it.


We delve further into the Packers' problems. We talk about the Vikings and why they just might be the new kings of the NFC North this season.


Tony Romo is back and you better believe we ain't skipping the chance to talk about the Cowboys. Do they still have a shot in the NFC East? Would you rather have Dr. Kevorkian or Jerry Jones as your attending physician?


The Bears are good ... the Cardinals are amazing ... AND why are all these guys like Cam Newton dancing and having fun, listen and find out!