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The Jaguars pounced onto AFC playoff picture

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Don't look now, but the Jaguars neck and neck for the lead in the AFC South.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

JAGS IN THE THICK OF IT: The Jaguars are still in the mix for the AFC South title after a 19-13 win over the Titans on Thursday night, another game marked by poor officiating and a controversial non-catch. There was even a very special, very Florida guest on hand for the game.

COACHES WANT CATCHES: A few NFL coaches expressed their frustration with the league's terrible catch rule too.

LAST PLACE: The Titans are in firm control of last place in the AFC South with the loss. Would they be better off if they made one big change to their offense?

RODGERS INJURED: The Packers quarterback owned up to shoulder and leg injuries, but are those to blame for his recent struggles? One thing that's really hurting the Packers offense is that Eddie Lacy isn't playing like he used to.

ONE BAD LOSS: There are 11 teams with winning records in the NFL. But for the teams at the top, does one bad mean bigger problems or is it just an off day?

UGLINESS: If you thought the Jaguars and Titans COLOR RUSH uniforms were ugly, wait until you see what the Cowboys and the Panthers are wearing next week.

THE BEARS ARE FUN: What do the Chicago Bears have that so many NFL teams are struggling to find?

NO MORE PEYTON?: It's unlikely that Peyton Manning will see the field again this season.

SEATTLE CIRCUSWhat the hell is going on with the Seahawks?

DANCING KING: Bengals WR Marvin Jones was doing a little dancing at practice this week. But the real story here is Marvin Lewis' reaction to it, watch.

WOOD AND COOTER: Rod Wood is the new team president for the Lions. He joins Jim Bob Cooter, the offensive coordinator, to give Detroit the best group of nick names in the league.

FANTASY CORNER: Who to sit, who to start ... consult us before setting your lineup this week.


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