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Cam Newton ONLY throws 5 touchdown passes in 44-16 win over Washington

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SMH, he might have had six or seven if it weren't for those pelvic thrusts and dabs. (Just kidding).

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's early game didn't offer much in the way of offensive excitement. Fortunately, we had Cam Newton and the Panthers to keep the folks in the RedZone studio on their toes. Concerned moms of Nashville must have motivated Newton this week; he was truly super, throwing five touchdown passes in a 44-16 walloping of the Washington NFL team.

Newton's five touchdown passes tied a Panthers franchise record, set by Steve Beurelein's five-touchdown performance in 1999. (And now you have an excuse to mention Steve Beuerlein in casual conversation this week).

Four of his touchdowns came in the first half. He threw one more in the third quarter, and got dangerously close a few more times. Common sense from head coach Ron Rivera denied the world a sixth touchdown throw. He pulled his starter in the fourth quarter with the game in hand.

As if Washington's defense didn't have enough to be embarrassed about, the first two touchdowns were basically the same play. The biggest difference was Jonathan Stewart caught the first one and Mike Tolbert hauled in the second. Take a look:

And here's the second one:

Newton finished the game with a 21-for-34 line, 246 passing yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions. He added four rushes for 16 yards, just for good measure.

Oh, and Cam dabbed. He wasn't the only one doing it either. Concerned moms of the world unite.