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A mediocre day for Tony Romo is enough to end the Cowboys' losing streak

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Tony Romo had good moments and bad moments, but he helped the Cowboys to find the offensive balance they've been missing.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo was far from perfect against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Still, his two-touchdown performance was enough to end a seven-game losing streak for the Dallas Cowboys and earn a 24-14 win, despite the fact that it came with two interceptions.

The Cowboys started 2015 with a 2-0 record before a broken collarbone for Romo sent him to the injured reserve with a designation to return, but in the seven games without him, the Cowboys couldn't win a game. With a below average game from Romo in his return, the Cowboys finally started scoring points again.

Romo had crafty moments, including a left-handed pass for his first completion of the day, but also had bad interceptions when he tried to do too much.

Darren McFadden managed to rack up 129 rushing yards on 29 attempts, but he was helped by the fact that the Dolphins defense wasn't able to key on the run as defenses had with Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel leading the team. Completions on 18 of 28 passes for 227 yards aren't prolific numbers for Romo, but it was more than enough to keep the Dolphins honest and provide much-needed balance for the Cowboys offense.

The defense of the Cowboys certainly deserves credit for keeping Ryan Tannehill under 200 passing yards and limiting the Dolphins to 70 rushing yards, but was also aided by the Dallas offense allowing Miami to have just over 21 minutes of possession.

While the Cowboys were earning their win in Week 11, both Washington and Philadelphia were blown out by the Panthers and Buccaneers, respectively. With the Giants on bye, the Cowboys were the only NFC East team to win in Week 11 and are now just two games behind the division lead with six games left to play.

To beat the Panthers in Week 12, bad interceptions like the ones Romo threw on Sunday will likely need to be erased, but with their franchise quarterback back in the lineup, the Cowboys are very much back in contention.