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The dab is dead. NFL kickers killed it.

A trend died Sunday. Some other stuff happened too; let us get you all caught up.

BENGALS BLEW IT: Two weeks, two primetime games, two losses for the Bengals. They were sitting on a tie in the final seconds until this unusual, dumb penalty set up the Cardinals with an easy field goal to win the game.

WHO LET KEENUM PLAY?The end of the Ravens' 16-13 win over the Rams was ugly ... and negligent. Rams QB Case Keenum was obviously dazed and confused after taking a vicious blow to his head. The Rams got Nick Foles up and throwing, but nobody bothered to take Keenum out of the game, not the refs, not the NFL's injury spotters in the booth, not the coaches, nobody.

DAB IS DEAD: Kickers are doing it now. It's over.

WHAT HAPPENED SUNDAY: Scores, highlights and everything you need to win at the water cooler today!

PLAYOFF PICTURE: It's going to be quite a battle for those wild card spots in both conferences.

WEEKLY CATCH CONTROVERSY: This week the NFL's confusing catch rule snared in Michael Crabtree and the RaidersSee for yourself. And if you're trying to keep track of what's a catch and what's not a catch, here's a handy guide to the inconsistency of the rule displayed from week to week in the NFL.

CAM'S BIG DAY: Cam Newton threw five touchdowns; it was kind of a big deal. Then, he wore a fox tail. Really.

SB Nation presents: Cam Newton scorched Washington before some dabbing

ROMO'S RETURN: Tony Romo returned this week, and the Cowboys won. Fans in Dallas are making big, bold predictions now.

SURGERY POSSIBLE FOR LYNCH: Marshawn Lynch is getting evaluated by a specialist this week, and it just might determine whether he plays again this season. If the Seahawks do lose Beast Mode, they can take some comfort in what Thomas Rawls can do after his outing this week.

JERRY TALKS HARDY: Jerry Jones was making nice for Greg Hardy on Sunday night, telling the world just how sincere that his troublesome employee was going to try to get better. Whatever. Earlier in the day, a report was going around that the Cowboys were getting sick of Hardy.

PEYTON RUMORS: Is Peyton Manning done or not? A report Sunday night suggested that he wants to play next year, even if it's not with the BroncosNot everyone is convinced.

It's harder to see Manning with the Broncos in 2016, retired or not. Brock Osweiler won his debut, and Gary Kubiak got to run his offense. They also have to decide on Osweiler, who's a free agent this spring. Here's where contract talks stand now.


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Tony Romo throwing with his left hand is still better than Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel.

Newton's teammate Mike Tolbert decided to dab on them folks after a touchdown.

Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams celebrated a touchdown by dabbing together. It then got them penalized together.

DeAndre Hopkins repeatedly torched Darrelle Revis.

It's time for our weekly installment of "what's a catch in the NFL?" courtesy of Michael Crabtree.

Osweiler tripped his own running back on fourth-and-1.

Aaron Rodgers started a trend by throwing a Surface tablet. Now Jay Cutler's doing it!

Eric Decker fought hard for a nifty one-handed grab.



It was a a tough day for Washington, but at least Kirk Cousins connected with his No. 1 fan.

Squirrel on the field! Squirrel!