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At least 1 Eagles player is unhappy with Chip Kelly and his 'bulls**t methods'

Are Chip Kelly and the Eagles headed for a breakup or is this just another case of a losing season getting under everyone's skin?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

IS KELLY OUT IN PHILLY?: Things are not well between Chip Kelly and the Eagles. Adam Schefter said Tuesday afternoon that "both sides are sick of each other" and evidence is building a looming split. The agent for one unnamed Eagles starter said that Kelly "is losing the team" and his "bullshit methods aren't working." There are plenty of college teams that would welcome Kelly with open arms.

RAMS RECEIVER SHOT: Rams receiver Stedman Bailey was shot twice in the head on Tuesday night in Miami. His condition is described as "critical but stable."

DAILY FANTASY GOES TO COURT: The New York attorney general and daily fantasy sports sites are headed to the state's Supreme Court Wednesday to decide whether it's considered gambling under NY state law. Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about the situation.

JOHNNY BENCHED: Johnny Manziel is now the third string quarterback for the Browns, his punishment for being caught on video at a Texas nightclub during the team's bye week. The incident raises questions about Manziel's future in Cleveland (he's almost certainly gone after the season) and the state of the franchise itself.


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HEALTHY BEARS: Bears rookie WR Kevin White will start practicing with the team again. A more immediate question for the Bears is whether they'll have Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery in the lineup Thursday night against the Packers.

HARDY VS. PANTHERS: Greg Hardy reportedly wants to "prove the Panthers wrong" for letting him go. The Panthers seem to be just fine without him, and are probably better off without him.

WEEK 12 PICKS: We can't cook your turkey for you, but we can pick your football games.

WATTAGE: J.J. Watt is dragging the Texans into the playoff picture, and he earned Stephen White's Hoss of the Week award for his efforts.

THE BEST TRICK PLAY: There's one trick play that teams can run that works pretty much every time.

TWO MORE WEEKS: Peyton Manning is out at least another two weeks (just face it, he's not playing again this season in all probability).

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