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Jeff Fisher says you can ‘kiss my a—' if you question the Rams’ effort

The Rams lost again, but don't you dare suggest to head coach Jeff Fisher that the players didn't give their best effort.

The St. Louis Rams lost their fourth consecutive game on Sunday, an ugly 31-7 flop against the Bengals. Head coach Jeff Fisher was more than a little frustrated after the game, and he took it out on one reporter who dared ask about the effort level from the Rams.

"Anyone that implies it's effort ... they can kiss my ass," Fisher said in his abbreviated postgame presser.

"It's execution," he clarified. And he even took a little of the blame himself when asked about the team's four-game skid. Fisher cut his media session short a few seconds later, in the middle of a reporter's question. (Most of his presser is available on the Rams' web site, albeit with the "kiss my ass" part edited out along with the cutoff ending).

This was supposed to be the year that Jeff Fisher's team finally forced its way into the playoffs, if not with an NFC West title, then as a wild card in a weak NFC field. Instead, they're 4-7 with questions mounting about Fisher's future as the team's head coach.

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