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Rams are getting rid of their concrete wall of death

The team has put in a request to the NFL to have it covered before its next home game.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have informed the NFL that prior to their next game they want the concrete bordering their sidelines covered or changed, according to FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo. The Rams have also spoken to the city of St. Louis, which owns the Edward Jones Dome, about the issue.

The Rams, according to Garafolo, have made it clear that they plan on blanketing the concrete border with turf or some other surface prior to their next home game on Nov. 15 against the Chicago Bears.

"The organization, we have had discussions with the NFL league office and game ops department to see if there's something we can do," Rams head coach Fisher said Monday, via ESPN. "This is their deal. Player safety is of the utmost importance, so we don't want to have any issues. We're going to do whatever we need to do to make sure we don't have an issue with it."

This request comes on the heels of 49ers running back Reggie Bush tearing his MCL on Sunday after falling and bumping into the concrete border during the Rams' 27-6 win.

Bush was the second player in two weeks to leave a Rams game after running on the concrete. The previous Sunday, Browns quarterback Josh McCown collided with the wall and later left the game with a shoulder injury.

McCown was replaced by Johnny Manziel in the fourth quarter of the Rams' eventual 24-6 win.

The concrete surface has been part of the Edward Jones Dome since it was constructed in 1995.