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Nobody wants to trade for Robert Griffin III

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The NFL's trade deadline is fast approaching -- and no one's interested in the former franchise QB.

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Remember Robert Griffin III, that quarterback who was once the toast of the league and on the cover of magazines everywhere? Well, apparently Washington isn't the only football team that has no interest in seeing Griffin line up under center.

With the NFL's trade deadline approaching at 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, it seems like it would make sense for at least one of the many quarterback-desperate teams around the league to reach out to Washington about Griffin. But Washington has yet to receive a single phone call from another team about Griffin, according to ESPN's Josina AndersonNFL Media's Albert Breer added that that's been the case going back to August when Griffin was first benched.

A major reason for that is that if a team traded for Griffin, it would be on the hook for his $16.155 million salary in 2016, which is guaranteed if he gets injured.

Griffin was taken No. 2 overall by Washington in the 2012 draft -- a selection Washington's Mike Shanahan was only able to make after sending three first-round picks and one second-round pick to the Rams. Griffin started 15 games as a rookie, was selected for the Pro Bowl, named the NFL's Rookie of the Year and led Washington to the playoffs. But he hurt his knee late in the season and re-injured it during the team's Wild Card loss to the Seahawks.

His game, and reputation, haven't recovered since. But the team still picked up his fifth-year option this past offseason.

Over the past two years Griffin has suffered two major leg injuries, a concussion and been benched twice. His starting quarterback role has been handed over to Kirk Cousins.

"You're in the season. He's not a guy that would be ready to jump in and play well for you even if you have a need [at quarterback]," an NFL front office executive said to the Washington Post. "He has been benched. He has had injuries. He has an unfavorable contract going forward. I don't see how anyone looks at him and says trading something significant for him right now would be a good idea."

He has yet to appear in a game this season after a concussion knocked him out of the preseason. Even when he was cleared to return, Gruden decided to stick with Cousins, who has led the team to a 3-4 start.

At this point, the most likely scenario for Griffin is that Washington will release him after the season and let him hit free agency. That would allow him to sign with a new team that wouldn't have to deal with the burden of a $16.2 million salary.