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Brock Osweiler praises Peyton Manning's assistance in win over Patriots

Osweiler says Manning helped him make crucial halftime adjustments in Sunday's win over the Patriots.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler successfully led the team to a huge win over the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football, and the quarterback credits the man he replaced, Peyton Manning, with his second half success.

"Peyton was fantastic at halftime," Osweiler told Sal Paolantonio, via Pro Football Talk. "He came up to me and -- you know Peyton -- of course, he had a list of things ready to talk about that he saw out there."

Manning has frequently been considered a part-time quarterback and part-time offensive coordinator with how much he has typically been involved in game planning and play calling. He was replaced by Osweiler after suffering a foot injury, which he is still rehabbing. Osweiler's first start was a win over the Chicago Bears, and now he has beating the previously undefeated Patriots under his belt.

"I'm not going to go into specifics, but he certainly did help me," Osweiler said, "and he helped this football team get a win today."

Osweiler led the Broncos on a single scoring drive in the first half, but after making adjustments in the second, he tossed a touchdown pass and led the Broncos on two other scoring drives. They eventually won in overtime, 30-24, when C.J. Anderson broke off a 48-yard touchdown rush.

Osweiler can be credited with the success of that play as it was the result of an audible he made at the line.

"It was a check that we had worked on all week in practice," Osweiler said. "We were trying to run the ball [to the] weak [side]. They gave us a specific defensive front that we can't run that ball into, so I checked to our second play that we called in our huddle. The line did a hell of a job and Anderson did the rest."

There was talk of Manning potentially being benched before he sustained any injuries. He threw four interceptions in the game he left against the Kansas City Chiefs, and due to injuries and Osweiler's play, the 39-year-old's future is up in the air.

Osweiler was asked if he played well enough in the second half to start over Manning when he recovers and he said "I'm not sure about that," dodging the question.

For now, it's Osweiler's team. At 9-2, they will travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers in Week 13.