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The Colts are the new Browns

But don't worry, the Browns are just as dysfunctional as ever.

THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY: The Colts really haven't been the same since Bruce Arians left. Pep Hamilton, Arians' replacement at offensive coordinator, was hired in 2012 and fired on Tuesday, satisfying an immediate need for the Colts to sacrifice someone, even if it'll only do so much. Rob Chudzinski takes over at OC.

BLAMELESS: Was Hamilton to blame for Andrew Luck's struggles? Partly, but it goes beyond that.

MEDDLING: Firing coordinators won't help the Colts if reports of GM Ryan Grigson overstepping his role, making lineup decisions and other things the coaches should be doing are true. The problem with the Colts reportedly goes all the way to the top, with Grigson getting a green light to meddle from the owner himself. That creates a power struggle in the organization and everyone comes out the loser.

THE WHIZ: Bloody Tuesday actually started off with the Titans giving Ken Whisenhunt his pink slip. What a way to thank a guy for a fabulous 3-20 run during his one and a half seasons as head coach. One of the things that did in the Whiz was his refusal to change schemes that weren't working, among other things.

NO DEALS: The NFL trade deadline came and went without a deal Tuesday. Denver made the lone deal Monday, trading for Vernon Davis, but their dealing with the Browns for tackle Joe Thomas fell through because they couldn't get something done ... which probably saved both teams from themselves. Broncos fans are a little disappointed.

BROWN OUT: Let's check in on the state of the Browns. Also, they're starting Johnny Manziel this week against the Bengals on Thursday night.

BIG TEXAN: Clowney who? Houston's second-best pass rusher right now might just be Whitney Mercilus.

UNWANTED TO UNSTOPPABLE: Le'Veon Bell's story about how he became one of the best players in the NFL is amazing. Check out this video.

DICK BALLS: Washington stumbled upon a strange/hilarious legal strategy to try and protect its trademark.


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