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It's another sad, sad day to be the Browns

It looked like the Browns were going to pull off a dramatic comeback win. NOPE.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

WILD RAVENS WIN: The Browns were all set to kick the game-winning field goal after an ill-conceived QB slide with a rookie kicker on a 50-yard attempt. Worst case scenario, overtime. Nope. The Ravens blocked the kick, and Will Hill returned it for a game-winning touchdown. Ravens win a thriller, 33-27.

Not bad for a game that ESPN apparently didn't want you to watch.

BUT WAIT: That kick probably should have never happened thanks to another referee screwup.

FACTORY OF SADNESS: Browns fans did not take it very well, and understandably so. And of course, people piled onto their misery. The Browns don't even have the No. 1 draft pick anymore.

BIRDS SINGING: Brent Urban, the Ravens player who blocked the kick, is the happiest man in the world. This win isn't going to save the Ravens' season, but there were still signs of life here ... but not Matt Schaub, he was terrible.

QB PROBLEMS: As if this all weren't sad enough for the Browns, they may have to decide between Johnny Maziel and Austin Davis if Josh McCown misses time with a collar bone injury.

SOUR: Will Hill? Yes, that Will Hill.


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EVERYONE IS MAD AT THE REFS: You're not the only one upset with the sorry state of officiating in the NFL this year. Tom Brady was "pissed off" about it after Sunday's loss. Bill Belichick wondered "what the f--k" they were doing. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians won on Sunday, but that didn't stop him from calling out the "FUBAR" state of officiating. The Titans got burned by a phantom holding call.

FIRED: The Dolphins fired their offensive coordinator, Bill Lazor, on Monday morning. Dan Campbell had a perfectly good reason to do so.

NEW RAMS QB: Jeff Garcia is an offensive assistant coach for the St. Louis Rams, but he'd like to be their quarterback.

THE JEDSTER: Rob Schneider -- he of "making some copies" fame -- has had enough of the 49ers and CEO Jed York.

WINNING OFF THE FIELD: The Broncos didn't just beat the Patriots on the field Sunday night, they OWNED them at memes, too!

POWER RANKINGS: For the first time in forever, the Patriots are not in the top spot.

KELCE'S DANCE: Why didn't Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce create an outcry over his hip thrusting? Robert Flores has an idea.

FANTASY CORNER: Today's the day to play the waiver wire. Put Raiders receiver Seth Roberts at the top of your list.